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Trade Show Booth Logistics | Tips and Ideas

Ugh, the headache of trade show logistics! We have all been there; the wondrously disappearing delivery, the mile-long back-up in the trade show loading dock, or the “not responsible for damaged items” excuses.

Lost and/or damaged displays seems to happen more frequently than we all hope. We at, have come up with a few preventative care tips to minimize your chances of exhibition logistics headaches!

Here are the 3 essential tips for shipping and storing your trade show materials; making sure your focus is on the show, rather than dealing with the multitude of headaches:

    Label all of the materials you plan to bring to the event ahead of time. Whether this is brochures, flyers, promotional materials, or the cases, crates, and containers with your display material. Make sure to label with your company’s name, exhibit staff contact number, the actual show itself, your booth number, and total number of pieces in your shipment. The labeling should be highly visible as well!
  2. Have All of Your Information Readily Available. 
    Before the show, make an effort to add the trade show exhibit company’s contact info and the venue contact info onto your phone. Make record of the receiving department’s operating hours and keep it somewhere handy. Keep everything organized, whether that be technologically or with an old school hand-written sheet in a binder.
  3. Be Ready When It Is Time to Leave.
    Have all of your necessary post-show paperwork filled out before the show doors close, or you may end up in a ridiculously long line when your exhibit staff is ready to get out of there to the hotel, bar, or restaurant. Take an inventory count of all remaining literature, samples, and swag, so that you can arrive relaxed and confident for the next event.

Trade shows can offer a big opportunity for businesses. Cutting out the headache of shipping and storing will allow you to capitalize on every opportunity at your event. Deal no more with logistical headaches, and get exhibiting!

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